Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthcare vs. Healthcare

Our nation has had a breakthrough. We have passed healthcare reform. We now, legally, have the same options that we have had for years. Way to go congress! It is so uplifting you can give us so much, yet so little at all. However the discourse was eloquent. Absent any changes to the tax structure, it will also be more affordable. It is unclear how effective this first move will be, but it is in the right direction. In the meantime I continue to use soap.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

citizen less than judge

Law is reason without logic

Examples of injustice will be featured here, but this blog is for you to point out the inconsistency of public policy and your life.

Judges, cops, IRS agents, etc, all have affected us and in light of the high level corporate crime we see today, it is hard to understand why they waste their time on us.

We are low hanging fruit. The real bastards make a lot more money than the average Joe Citizen.

But, Joe has fight and will take them on round by round. In the meantime, give him some power by sharing your struggle!


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Friday, March 12, 2010

Judges vs. Boobs: Round 2

Of course, the judges lost. But, what is even better, the taxpayers paid for half of it. Message: Be an elected official and we’ll pay half for your happy-ending!!! http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008898194_webmamiya.html

Be surprised that Mamiya is not only the presiding judge (and an elected judge) but also a different Seattle Municipal Court Judge than what Joe Citizen was fighting in Round 1. If you look at their election records, these unopposed judges have a challenger. If only an attorney who has passed the bar and has lived in Seattle more than 60 days would run against one or all of them!!!


The Mariners agreed to let a strip club be allowed kitty-corner from SAFECO stadium. The club will be subject to the same six-foot distance lap-dance requirements as with the rest of City code. However, if you are a judge, you likely will get off in the VIP room for 50% off, courtesy of the Seattle City Taxpayers.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Judges vs. The Law: Round 1

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge vs. Joe Citizen Both Arrested for DUI:


Bridge: BAC .219 and .227

Citizen: BAC .19 and .209

Bridge: Arrested close to home

Citizen: Arrested close to home

Bridge: Also charged with hit and run

Citizen: No other charges

Bridge: First offense

Citizen: First offense


Bridge: Hard to say, police report heavily redacted - http://www.clr.org/wabridge22803dui.pdf

Citizen: Arrest report public record

Bridge: Escorted and dropped off at home by police, despite mandatory arrest and incarceration standards (same link as above)

Citizen: Escorted directly to jail

Bridge: Makes several undisclosed statements to officers (again same link)

Citizen: All statements public

Bridge: Gets highly publicized, but, closed court hearing by Seattle Municipal Court Judge Michael Hurtado, who also dismissed her hit and run charge

Citizen: Goes to public court four times between arraignment and pretrial because of missing files and lack of familiarity with his charges by both prosecutors and public defenders, finally enters a motion for deferred prosecution to avoid a trial that had ever-changing prosecutorial methods and a different public-defenders that hadn't read the case before he went to the hearing with you five minutes later.

Bridge: Immediately granted a deferred prosecution and enters a two-year intensive alcohol program, admitting her alcohol problem

Citizen: Eventually, after multiple continuations and missed days at work to attend hearings that never happen, is also granted the same deferred prosecution


Bridge: Makes several public statements and apologies decrying her own indescretion as if it were a one time event

Citizen: Despite how much he knows what he did was wrong, he is labeled an alcoholic and that his arrest was the inevitability of a condition he was born with, which will also restrict him from being functional if he does not accept treatment

Bridge: Continues her elected position as a Supreme Court Justice, even ruling on State case law affecting DUI, which ends up effecting Joe Citizen. She eventually retires with dignity and is applauded for her work for children and families, see below...

Citizen: Was underemployed at the time of arrest and has to declare his DUI arrest, despite its deferred status, on job applications. He has unsuccessfully been looking for work for the past two years and is making little more than minimum wage, but has healthcare benefits. He is struggling to support his wife and children, which is heavily complicated by the terms of his treatment plan which inflexibly interrupts both his work and family life several nights per week

Bridge: Is an honored speaker, paid to entertain and edify audiences with her anecdotes and life experiences, including lessons learned from her DUI

Citizen: Always has to explain his DUI to prospective employers, current employers to get the time off work to attend required classes, and is written off by most as an alcoholic with little to contribute to society.

Bridge: Has a children’s center named after her at the new Kent Regional Justice Center in recognition of her accolades as a judge

Citizen: Has the ability to drop his children off at Bobbe Bridge’s Children’s Center while attending hearings and probation appointments


Bridge: Made a mistake and is able to restore her name and reputation as a worthy contributor to society

Citizen: According to the courts; Is expected to get arrested again and go to inpatient treatment, and his disease will prevent him from having high concept decision making abilities for the rest of his life... HE WILL NEVER BECOME A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE

Sources regarding Bridge's arrest, including public record of her police report; legal postions before,during, and after her arrest; and, arrest outcomes:

http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20030327&slug=bridgedui27m; http://www.seattlepi.com/jamieson/110792_robert03.shtml; http://www.dui1.com/DuiCaseLawStateWAPage2.htm; http://www.clr.org/wabridge22803dui.pdf

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One year ago, there was political nervousness of the highest order over the much-anticipated Iowa caucuses. Now, we are nervously anticipating a Black President.

Baseball season extended well past October '08, directly into a mindless Pepper game for the hottest bailout fatigued Senate seat in the country. There are 1.2 million concerns and geo-theatre warfare. Seconds until 2009 and the Clintons will help tick them away. Times Square seems weird this time.

BOOM! It is here in flailing glory. The worst year since 1931 is over. So we hope.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Election leftovers

After the last two Presidential Elections, this was relatively painless. As soon as the polls closed on the West Coast Obama was declared the victor. It wasn't even close. Obama's lead was too large to even consider challenging. McCain gave a great speech and sounded like his old self again. Palin took her family back home to Alaska and is undoubtedly reading books about the rest of the country in preparation for her pending candidacy for President in 2012.

Surely, the Apocalypse will then be upon us. In the meantime President-elect Obama has been preparing for his transition into the White House. No vacation with family just yet.

The battle for Congress the Democrats won out, but they also fell short of their iron-clad majority, including a filibuster-proof Senate. Minnesota is still undecided between Norm Coleman and Al Franken, but that would still leave the Senate Democrats short of 60 by 4 votes.

Washington State's election was also less protracted than four years ago. Gregoire made some big advances in King County (which was a surprise) and pulled off a victory. Had he won, Rossi probably would have been a rising star for the GOP. Especially since he was a challenger in a Democratic year. Lucky for us he's no Sarah Palin. Democrats are no doubt breathing easier now that Gregoire will be returned, it is still amazing that she was in this much trouble in the first place. Also surprising is the amount of incumbents returned to the legislature. They were mostly democrats to begin with, but few incumbents lost and one longtime democratic Senator, Marilyn Rasmussen, appears to have lost to her GOP challenger.

Other issues around the country were controversial. The ballot measures banning gay marriage all passed. Colorado wasn't really a surprise, but California banning gay marriage is a little surprising. California is home to the two largest gay population cities (San Francisco and Oakland) and is a supposedly "liberal" state. MSNBC found that minority communities are not accepting of gay marriage, especially the African-American community.

Rounding out the results of the ballot initiatives in Washington, Sound Transit passed, Eyman's transportation initiative failed, and physician assisted suicide passed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Black Man in a White House: President Elect Barack Hussein Obama

“We will, and always will be, the United States of America.”
-President Barack Obama

Sweet Jesus, he did it.

This moment is for my Father who grew up during Jim Crow; who ordered burgers out the back door of a restaurant; who entered Truman's newly desegregated U.S. Army and stayed there for 30 years. This is also for my Mother who is a Korean immigrant, who has not been back to her homeland since she left almost 30 years ago; who faced high odds and a rigid glass cieling in corporate America; who overcame a language barrier by listening to country music. For me, this moment is for my son who will live in a markedly different reality than his father and grandfather experienced.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Iraqi government has stated that it wants US troops out of Iraq after 2011.

That's all.

Can we get some of that money back now?

They don't want us there. The American people don't want to be there. The only person that wants to keep us in Iraq is John McCain.