Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Lighter Side of Camelot

I typically have a hard time finding my muse, but when I read headlines that beam things like Edward Kennedy endorsing Barack Obama, it cues me right up.

This is a big one. For Kennedy, It demonstrates a clean break with Establishment pals, including the Clintons, and serves as a ‘passing of the baton’ to a whole new generation of politicos. The Clinton’s were furiously vying for Kennedy’s backing, but came up short, in part due to Mr. Clinton’s weirdness as of late. As you’ve unfortunately read in my previous postings, my unorganized ramblings are essentially political accounts from a layperson—written with limited knowledge in national affairs. Though one thing is for certain, the double knighting from the Kennedy camp (Caroline Kennedy also officially endorsed Obama) is so defiling to Billary that their only strategy is devout prayer for a surplus in delegates on Super Tuesday.

There is a decent amount of contention in political circles over the meaning of obtaining an ‘endorsement.’ What makes the topic squishy is the fact that endorsements vary. It could mean access to massive voting lists, a one day fanfare that fosters strong media attention or both. Yet, when you land old Establishment kudos that is something quite different and notable. It could mean adding another layer of prestige and a series of power players following suit. A week from Tuesday shall be interesting indeed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romney is a Robot

I don't have the energy to write about this fool. See here to view a former picture of Governor Romney.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attack: (verb) take aggressive action against a place or enemy forces; oppose fiercely

"I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans, and attacking the problems of our country, because ultimately that's what I want to do as president."

-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D), December 2007

“We are not a collection of red states or blue states, we are the United States...”

-Sen. Barack Obama (D), January 2008

Recently, the former Presidential contender and current Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry personally sent me an e-mail. As I read on, I was anxious to find a veneer of personal trickery, but it appeared sincere. After a couple of cocktails, I thought to myself, "Okay, either this occurred because I'm on a damn mailing list, or this jackball has mistaken me for another dope smoking Motel Martin."

The Kerry letter was poignant. In summary, he paralleled his Swiftboat, Willie Horton-esque political experience with that of the current events between the Obama and Clinton campaigns. Kerry goes on to ask all of us to engage in a national push back campaign against concerted attacks on Obama. That's actually one of the few things I can agree on with Kerry. My support for Obama is obvious, so the bias exists in that any challenge on the man will be a perception by me as an "attack." That aside, the opening quotes to this treatise, perhaps taken out of context, may provide insight into the character of both the candidates possibly highlighting who indeed holds the tendency to 'attack.'

Well, shit was going down in South Carolina. Yet, one of the most intriguing moments during the heated exchange between Hillary and Barack, came during a brief pause by Obama to address the national audience. He articulated that it is important to address the charges from the Clinton camp to demonstrate to Americans what type of leader he would be--a truthful and earnest one. Of course, that drew swift rebuke from Hillary, but the fact that he highlighted a seemingly heated personal exchange and turned it into an intellectual lecture on the value of the political sparring match between him and Clinton was fucking brilliant. The arguing did drag on, and he knew this, which made the comment to the audience translate into a couple more delegates and a couple more votes.

I guess Kerry would be proud; as well as Willie Horton for that matter. Horton, wherever you are, just know that a brother is running for President who won't exploit your past transgressions and will utilize his deft political instincts for quelling any bullshit that comes his way.

Snowball Effect



This happened on the same day? Definitely not the top of their game. This is truly remarkable given A) The Clinton's historically strong relationship with the black community, B) The prominence of the African-American voters in South Carolina, and C) The fact that both of these events happened on the same day. How is the public going to react to Obama playing so rough with that little old lady? It never looks good to hit a girl, even if she is playing dirty.

Obama is at the top of his game. Does any one remember that Bill Clinton was once the "man from Hope?" 1992 doesn't seem as dire as 2008. The parallels are quite similar really, the economy was in recession and the first Gulf War had just ended, and a Bush was in the White House. 2008 is fruition of the seeds planted in 1992, and to a lesser extent 2000. The war has been ridiculously expensive and has greatly burdened our economy for decades, and should have been won in 1992. The Bush tax cuts have magnified the cost of the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is an incredibly gifted speaker, the question is not whether he has the support of the American people, the only unknown is if he can transform his vision into reality. He will win because he is grounded in his beliefs and seems the most natural politician running for the office of President in either party.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Clinton wins the Democratic contest by default, 1/3 of democratic voters are "uncommitted?" Uncommitted is an interesting vote, sounds like none of the above (Clinton, Kucinich, Dodd, and Gravel). Oh yeah, there are no delegates at stake, so big deal.

Romney wins, McCain second, and Huckabee trailing. South Carolina is next with Huckabee the likely front-runner. South Carolina was where the wheels fell off of McCain's 2000 Presidential campaign. The site of a political assault by the Bush campaign that played a little racism, a "push poll" that accused McCain of having an illegitimate child who was not white.

South Carolina for the Democrats is going to be even more interesting. It's John Edwards backyard and is going to have a large portion of African-American voters.


Michigan doesn't have any democratic delegates because they moved their primary up so far. Hillary is the only major candidate on the ballot.

I'm not surprised that Michigan tried to gain more prominence in deciding the presidential nomination. Michigan is in dire straits economically as the auto companies have been suffering greatly, unemployment is high, and real estate has tanked out. Not surprising that they are turning to politics. Moving their primary ahead steals the national spotlight from the race to some of the above mentioned problems in Michigan.

The GOP race is full on. Seems like this is a "must-win" for Romney. But so was New Hampshire. My guess is that McCain and Huckabee do well. Romney is burdened with expectations, it will be difficult to be anything but disappointing.

Saw an interesting post by David Postman regarding Rep. Ron Paul and some newsletters published under a pseudonym spewing some hate-filled diatribes.

Read the post here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NH's Comeback Candidates

McCain's "comeback" was expected in NH, which also doubles on the weekends as the "Irony State." How do you have a comeback in a state where you have won before and were leading in immediately before the election?

Hillary managed to pull off a victory. Compare it to a Heavyweight champ who got knocked to the canvas by an upstart challenger in the first round. Shake it off champ, go knock his block off and win the second round.

Did the Hillary movement wake up last night or was it just New Hampshire voters keeping things interesting? Inevitability has a certain quality that can unmotivate people who should be working hard (volunteers, staff, family etc.) because they think that the contest is in the bag.

It is unclear exactly why the polls got it wrong, although it is almost always one of two answers. The sample was either not representative of who was turning out to vote or the poll respondents didn't tell the truth or had a change of heart about who they were voting for.

Seeing Hillary get emotional was good for her image. It's ok for women to cry (even if they are running for President apparently), but probably not ok if Obama cried. Context matters and we are in uncharted territory with Hillary and Obama. What will the voters expect from a female presidential candidate?

The real question is whether or not this little emotional episode was planned or not. The Clinton's don't seem to do anything spontaneously, I wonder if there was an inner circle meeting evaluating the pros and cons of tears vs. letting her voice crack a little bit.

One thing is clear, this is going to be a bout to remember. Let's cast Obama has Cassius Clay and Hillary as Sonny Liston. Someone has a superior style that is undeniably fresh and needed versus someone who is carrying baggage and scars from battles fought in the 90s. It may not be fair, and it may be Hillary's "shot" or "turn" to run, but the country seems ready to take a chance on someone new.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early Returns

Hillary leads Obama according to MSNBC, with 8% of the vote in 38% to 36%. They haven't said what precincts or counties are reporting. McCain leads Romney with Huckabee trailing. Lots of votes left to count, no way to tell how representative these 8% of the votes are.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Obama Baby Buggy Bumpers (Welcome to New Hampshire!)

Looks like Hillary is starting to crack. I think that she had her little "cry" moment to try and soften up for other women. If Oprah goes to New Hampshire Hillary will be road kill.

The Primary is tomorrow and Obama is about to deliver a knockout blow, to the once (pause) proud champ, Hillary Clinton, now a study, in moppishness. This is truly a sight to behold. Obama is holding a lead in the polls and is trending out of sight. No one has been able to attack him effectively. Obama is rubber and Hillary is glue. The last guy who was this "teflon" was William, Mr. Hillary Rodham-Clinton. He won.

Obama has momentum, money, a lead and no need to attack anyone, and he has a charisma that is undeniable. He's got the lead and seems to be pulling away. Obama's star is buring bright. The inevitable comparisons to the Kennedys are a little frightening. This star cannot burn out. There would be dramatic repercussions along every divide imaginable. This country has been divided and had elections that have been clouded by controversy and scandal. This country needs to go through some healing, if there are more dirty tricks or an assassination attempt, well I don't even want to mention it because of what happened with Bhutto. We all saw what happened in Pakistan, don't be so naive to think that it couldn't happen in Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York, or even all across the country. I pray this never happens.

Hillary has risen as far as she can go. It is unlikely that she would not have even gotten to be Senator had it not been for Bill's notoriety and fund raising ability. She is a well known commodity, and she is not known for being well liked. She is tough and she gets results, but somehow this year it won't be enough. She didn't want to get her hands dirty in 2004 and run against Bush. She figured 2008 would be a lock for her to get the nomination and she would walk to the White House in wave of Clinton nostalgia.

Yeah, well, nostalgia, it ain't what it used to be.