Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Emperor's Clothes

President Bush held a press conference today. Announcing that despite the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) claim that Iran stopped pursuing nuclear weapons in 2003, Iran remains a threat to our national security and international interests.

Why does the NIE have information in it that is supposedly not available to our President, who claims to have only seen this information this week. Why has it taken this long to discredit the President's erroneous claim?

Bottom line, Iran was not and is not looking to start World War III like our President claims. If not them, then who? I'm going to ask the man in the shiny new suit of clothes.

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Motel Martin said...

Agreed. Carriers still sit near the Straight of Hormuz on "high alert." If anything, our rhetoric makes Iranian leadership more aggressive and radical. The fear is the Bush Cartel will keep invasion plans as their final agenda item, irrespective of the latest NIE. Fuck Bush.