Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top Two

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the State of Washington, and ruled in favor of the popular will of the people. Citizens rejoice!!! There will be no more partisan primary balloting in the State of Washington.

Ok, so there aren't people in the streets. But, 2008 just got a lot more interesting. More interesting because we will be able to see if any "safe" districts cannibalize themselves in the general election. Most districts are designed to be safe, safe for one party to win election. When districts are drawn, they are drawn to give safe seats to both major political parties and they determine where the battleground is going to be decided.

For those of you who know your ancient chinese philosophy, whoever dictates the field of battle wins. And wins handily.

The parties now can have two candidates in the general election provided that they are the top two vote getters. The question is just how happy is the party establishment with their incumbents? I wonder if any legislators are going to be targeted by their own party for defeat. This certainly changes things a bit doesn't it?

Welcome to the State of Washington, home of the Thunderdome.

PS we also bring you the real thunderdome ;)


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