Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Special Session on Sonics unlikely

Apparently the Governor will not call a special session to work on an arena proposal for the Seattle Center/Supersonics.

"The last we checked, the votes aren't there," Gregoire spokesman Pearse Edwards said. "So why would we bring people down here (for a special session) to vote no on something? The governor is not going to waste the taxpayer dollars to have a debate in Olympia when the votes aren't there. The speaker of the House, the Senate majority leader and both minority leaders are going to have to show that the votes are there before we bring people back to town."
Seattle PI: Special Session on Sonics Unlikely

Couldn't agree more. Bennett has two pending lawsuits, one by the city to keep the team to its lease until 2010 and the other by Howard Schultz over Bennett's bad faith effort to keep the team in Seattle.


Grant said...

When's the Trailblazers' lease up in Portland?

I suspect that Mr. Allen will move them up the free way to the big city if this all goes the way it seems to be.

keepkalm said...

Blazers won't be leaving Portland. Paul Allen is actually a decent owner in that regard.

He owns the Rose Garden again, after working it through bankruptcy (if you can imagine Paul Allen delaring bankruptcy).

My guess is, you don't vote against the Sonics moving on the NBA BOG and then move your team.

TV markets would change and most of Seattle would be watching Blazerball on Fox Sports and listening to it on the radio. Allen gets the 13-15th largest media market by default.

Why would he move the Blazers to an older arena that doesn't have the sweetheart deal?

michael said...

The Blazers are staying. It would be foolish to move another team with such an outstanding history, especially to move them 4 hours away (Al Davis). Plus, they sold out a large percentage of their games last year and with an up and coming team, they should have no problems with revenue.