Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Alas, the Mariners have been swept. Our best three pitchers against the Angels, and swept. A 2-5 home-stand. Seriously, who cares about politics right now?

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Heatho said...

LOL... "Who cares about politics right now?" I say, who cares about the Mariners right now!? Its the same old M's... win when it doesn't matter and lose when it does. They aren't going to make the playoffs... the Angels are going to run away with the west and the Yankees are going to win the wild card. After the 2001 season I've lost all hope in the M's... and nothing has changed since then.

I look back on the days of Griffey, Buhner, Randy, and Edgar... those were the days. Even when they wheren't winning at least it was interesting to watch.

When does Hockey season start? Now that is some good sport! Go Silvertips!