Thursday, August 30, 2007

What to think about Larry Craig?

So, this Larry Craig story. I'll admit that I, like virtually everyone else, initially saw this as another example - a particularly egregious example - of party hypocrisy. But the more I read, see, hear about this, the more I think it's just really sad.

I'll not detail the history of this story. Ya'll can use Google as well as I can. But in a nutshell: Craig solicited other men for sex going back to 1967. He denied having sex with under-aged congressional pages in 1982. He has been under heavy scrutiny and investigation by the Idaho Statesman since 2004 when several men, some highly credible, some not, stated they had been solicited for sex or had sex with Craig.

Despite his denials, the guy is gay. Duh.

The hypocrisy is obvious. Craig has been a staunch social conservative his entire congressional career. He was a major proponent of the Defense of Marriage Act and of the proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Further, Craig pled guilty to the charges of lewd conduct 6 months ago, the discovery of which sparked the current media firestorm. He is now, of course, denying that he was guilty. I could go on and on with this.

But, the sad part. Here's a guy who is obviously gay, but feels he is unable to simply say so. I would venture to guess that he grew up a conservative Christian and genuine believes in his socially conservative rhetoric. I'm sure he also believes that his homosexual thoughts and behaviors are sinful and feels guilty as hell.

I'm not gonna say I feel sorry for the him. Be a man and buck up. At least be honest with yourself. And if you can't be honest with the rest of us, then resign already. (Yeah, he already has as of this morning.)

I'd love to hear everyone else's take on the Larry Craig situation. Please leave comments.

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Grant said...

This story disgusts me. Not because there is a homo in office, or that he is a Republican. Not because he was soliciting sex with strangers or aquaintances. It's disgusting because he (and so many more like him) actually think God hates him because he's gay. I could pick apart the "God hates fags" statement from so many directions (there is not God, God is loving and forgiving and doesn't hate any of his children, etc), but I won't spend the time on the minutae. I feel sorry for the man not the politician.