Saturday, September 1, 2007

Conservative Christian Quote

While reading up on the Larry Craig thing at the Christian Science Monitor, I ran into this nifty line from Gary Bauer:
If my choice is between being governed by hypocrites and being governed by people who will be very consistent in what they put through – same-sex marriage, condoms, and birth control pills in the schools, etc., etc. – that would be a horrible choice, but I'd still go with politicians who are willing to vote for the correct things.
Let me get this straight. Gary Bauer is saying that he would rather be governed by hypocrites than by people who are highly consistent because he disagrees with the idea of educating teenagers about sex.



Grant said...

Why can't we have politicians that are neither hypocrits or vote for the wrong things?

keepkalm said...

All people are hypocrites, just some people are in denial.

Like saying, "I'm not gay." Just beacuse I like to get blowjobs from MEN!!! In an airport bathroom???

Dude, it's called "Discretion: A new fragrance for men."