Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Aberrant Chronicles Pt. II

With very little money, McCain still pushes on in this marathon of a presidential campaign. McCain has not done well in the post-debate polls this season, but he's still around, tight-roping on the moderate line. Romney's numbers look good, but Juliani is the current Republican darling leading most preliminary polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Huckabee finds resurgence, but the lack of foreign policy experience thing may serve up damaging public fodder in the press.

The game right now, however, is pure politicking. During the last Republican debate it was clear that the Republicans focused their vitriol on one person: Hillary Clinton. It was as if the RNC dispatched discrete communique to have the party focus directly on Clinton's proposed policies. They're framing her as the likely nominee and respect her as a true threat to not only the presidency, but to congressional horse races as well. The distinct possibility of vast Democratic wins in 2008, including the presidency, has the conservative establishment deeply concerned.

Iowa is becoming more and more important. Obama is head to head with Clinton so Obama's handlers are scrambling to drum up a clear flash point between him and Clinton; one that sets him way apart. This strategy could go either way--can an academic representing the south side of Chicago throw down?

No matter how desperate the times are (which is indicative by the lengthy campaign season) raw politics are inevitable. Position, polls and for some, pussy, dictate which narrow path to take to power. When we see clear and shared strategies come out of party debates, it creates a dangerous perception. Polling still informs campaign/party strategists, yes, but the perception of respective party winners this early in the game tells the all important caucus voter that maybe, just maybe the final showdown should be Clinton and Juliani. This slippery notion effectively excludes any viable chance for righteous Democracy. Maybe I'm being dramatic. I will say that having a long campaign season perhaps changes the nuts and bolts of presidential politics, leaving serious questions about the level of influence national party establishments like the DNC and the RNC have.


Grant said...

Isn't Rudi's last name "Guliani" not "Juliani"? I mean, if you're gonna misspell it, at least go with "Jewliani"!

Motel Martin said...

That would be racist, now wouldn't it?