Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Aberrant Chronicles

We are approximately 110 days until Super Tuesday--heading into possibly one of the earliest presidential primary seasons in our nation's history. Why is that? In sick and attention-hungry fashion, many States have decided to move thier primaries up, which may force more of the attention on the heavily populated states. The Candidates know this. In previous political cycles, States like New Hampshire and Iowa were significant to win because they are the "early" States. With the first state caucus scheduled for January 14 and 8, possibly 12 states, moving thier primaries up to February 5th, we're geared up for a lightening bolt of a primary season. February 5th could get quite national. No time to think, react or, more importantly, raise money.

As an ironic result, wins in the small early states like New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina now have deep media importance in the big states, which is substantial considering there will be no time to raise large sums of money for those races. Recent reports show the early states moving up earlier; Iowa is seeking a January 3rd caucus date! This is a certified, large scale pissing contest with the various States channeling scenes from Dante's Inferno. Similarly, the pundocracy have mobilized in quick lock step with the premature debate season and have already issued inventive names for the premier policital kick off day: Tsunami Tuesday, Super Duper Tuesday to name a few.

In the end, the big ticket candidates with gold in thier teeth stand a chance. The marathoner(s) with deep pocket media power can survive this lengthy campaign season (which is largely taking place in Iowa and New Hampshire) and position themselves for the early win and big state voter attention.

It appears this presidential election means something. Half the nation has finally come sun up on the stone realization of thier drastic mistake back in November 2004. The desperation for competent (and sane) leadership is at all time high and the American public is so keyed in to foreign policy, security and alcholism that a fever of hyper-concious voters is now inevitable. An unfortunate reflection of the Nixonian duma, which has posited many of the same actors into the current Bush Cartel should be enough to wake us the fuck up. If this robust campaign season and early primary jockeying has showed us anything, it has demonstrated in dramatic fashion that the States, the Candidates and now potentially the Voter, are fully aware of what's at stake.


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