Wednesday, July 2, 2008

$75 Million just to leave

Isn't it amazing how an NBA franchise with millionaire owners can hold a city hostage?

The amount that Clay Bennett and the Supersonics settled with the Sonics is comparable to the amount that they wanted to chip in for a new arena. $60 million is what they claimed they could lose at KeyArena over the next two years. $75 million. That is almost a third of what a new arena was going to cost.

If that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, you have been eating from Clay Bennett's trough. Mmmmm, tastes good doesn't it?

I am putting a curse on the Seattle Superokies. May you and your ill-gotten franchise forever carry the burden of great expectations and mire in mediocrity and NEVER win a playoff series.

As far as curses go, I still like the Cubs fan who bought a ticket for his goat and was refused entrance to Wrigley Field. Maybe the lesbians at Safeco put their own curse on our baseball team? I digress.

At least PJ isn't going to be coach anymore. I don't like that dude's style, let the players play PJ!

There is a catch in all of this. If Seattle can land another NBA franchise, the settlement will be reduced. Perhaps the Memphis Grizzlies are on their way back to the Pacific Northwest. The Grizz are a long way from being competitive. Or even interesting. They are the team that Bennett deserves. Punk ass bitch.

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