Monday, July 14, 2008

Friends like these

I thought that the presidential election wouldn't get any weirder than when McCain's former jailer gave him his endorsement for President.

Jesse Jackson wants Obama's nuts. The New Yorker wants to make him unelectable. Or at least satirize him as a radical extremist, but it's only a joke right?

The response from the New Yorker, "Not my fault that not everyone is smart enough to get it."

The only thing that could have been more offensive would have been to show Michelle Obama as Aunt Jemima and Barack as lil' black Sambo. Michelle Bernard said that today on Hardball. Full credit to the lovely and intelligent woman, she has been a breath of fresh air during the coverage of this campaign.

Obama definitely has handled it all very well, not even worth responding too. But given all of the misinformation regarding Obama's candidacy this cartoon reinforces all of the racism and bigotry behind the opposition.

There are people who think that Respeck Knuckles (aka "dap") is a terrorist gesture, and that because his middle name is Hussein that Barack is a bad guy, secret Muslim.

Swift boating Kerry was bad enough, the media didn't even respond to whether those allegations were even true or not.

Obama just got "New Yorkered."

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