Monday, May 19, 2008

The First Lady

The Tennessee GOP has released a viral video on youtube that features Michelle Obama, the wife of the presumptive Democratic nominee. Michelle Obama's made a comment to the effect that she wasn't really proud of her country until her husband Barack started running for President.

Barack has denounced the attack and essentially said that if you want to attack someone, bring it. But it's already been broughten.

What is off limits when your family is out campaigning for you? Chelsea was finally asked about how her father's infidelity affected her and her family. But, she is out there. Michelle Obama is out there. And so is Cindy McCain and Bill Clinton. Cindy has some baggage, pill addictions, taxes, etc. Being born pretty and rich doesn't mean you are perfect I guess.

I smell a Michelle Obama Cindy McCain cat fight a brewing. That sounds like a much better way to settle the Presidency, less controversy than an election. Michelle and Cindy, get ready for Thunderdome....

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