Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a Mike Tyson Uppercut Feels Like

The news is fresh, but old at the same time. Regardless of the Democratic outcome, McCain and the Republicans have absolutely no chance in November--this is the fall of the neo-cons, the other side of the hill, as it were. It is effectively over for them.

I say this because after the West Virginia shoulder jab to Obama, the John Edwards endorsement served a Tyson uppercut to the Clinton campaign--the identical size and scope of the one he laid on Spinks. This blow, however, reverberates over to the other side of the fence. The faith that John Edwards has put forth sends a message to Americana: this is where we should be going.

Republicans are essentially watching the Democratic political intelligencia coalesce around Obama and it is galvanizing America. Governor Richardson's endorsement perhaps orients the Latino vote and provides Obama increased validation on his geo-political diplomatic visions. Kennedy's vote of confidence secures the progressive congressional establishment. This and other stories like it, are getting serious air time and pumped into millions of American homes. You see, the Republicans are watching a revolutionary movement along with the rest of us--how do you squash that?

There is a great desire to wrap the Democratic nomination up as soon as possible in order to secure enough time to develop strategy, unlock voter lists, access money, etc. Valid, yes, but the press is giving tremendous focus on the historical Democratic situation at the moment and this is changing state voting patterns (e.g., more new voters; independents moving left, etc). And as more and more unpledged delgates place their allegiance with Obama, a guttural emotion is re-developing among Americans, in that, as the world watches the situation play out, the more the movement that started on January 3rd 2008, becomes reality.

The right isn't getting much air time right now, but they will. And that is why highlighting party unity while the Dems have free air time has become part of the current DNC strategy and back room talk. That being said, it is only a matter of time before the 527 organizations (you know, the fall out political organizations of modern campaign finance reform) unleash the hounds of hell. Stay tuned, right?

Let the revolution continue to be televised! Perhaps the prolonging of this campaign is a good thing for us and a death knell for the sitting junta (The Bush Administration, that is) and all it's surrogates.They can see the bottom of the hill. I titled this treatise the way I did because the metaphor is supposed to signify, that a Tyson uppercut is so fierce that your mama feels it. This is a blow to Clinton AND the modern neo-con movement--other wise known as 'yo mama.'

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keepkalm said...


And I thought that it was just as slow news day.

Still, McCain has a shot in Nov. It is way too early to count him out, but I am still betting on the Democrat in the race.