Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look Who's Self-Destructing Now

Hillary Clinton hasn't been doing a very good job of following her strategy. She just needed to keep her mouth shut, play to her positives, and see if Barack Obama had another Reverend Wright in his past. Apparently she is waiting to see if Barack Obama gets assassinated.

Mike Huckabee, former GOP presidential candidate, also made a terrible joke at an NRA meeting. After a crash off-stage Huckabee joked that Barack Obama fell off his chair when someone loaded a gun. I would have jumped too. It's not like Barack Obama was invited anyway. It's the NRA.

Turn out the lights, the party's over.

This is too horrible to consider. Everyone knows what happened to RFK. He was killed by a Islamic extremist, Sirhan Sirhan, and the party LOST the election to Richard Nixon.

Is this the model that the democratic party wants to follow?

Hillary, it's time for you to be quiet.

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