Monday, July 23, 2007

Five Polyps Removed

President Bush had five polyps removed after or during the course of his colonoscopy. I'm naming them Dicky, Donny, Condi, Ari, and Wolfie. I call them, (drumroll) the "Neo-Cons on the Block." They have a big new hit foreign policy strategy coming out, "Hangin' Tough."

So, I was a little paranoid about Cheney having the reins of power (again), but I cannot believe the amount of criticism that is being drawn against him. These are all things that have been said before about the Vice-President, but this time it is in Time and Newsweek and not some "alternative" publication.

At least I don't have to worry about being targeted by Cheney's goons, they have bigger fish to fry obviously.

I want to see an investigation into Cheney and the contracts for Iraq as well as the energy policy negotiations that were taking place under his watch. I don't care if he is out of office. Somebody needs to pay for these transgressions.

Ken Lay is dead, he got off too easy.

Let's take it all out on Cheney.

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