Thursday, July 26, 2007

YouTube --D'sTank

Not to digress from the high level thought and political theory of the previous posts, but I cannot help but to be mildly entertained by the YouTube/CNN debates this week. I eagerly anticipated the responses from the candidates, but was disappointed with the canned responses of what could have been an opportunity for democrats to appear to be human. As much as I hate republicans, the inability of democrats to show any form of emotion, while dealing with the human issues the conservatives ignore, drives me nuts. Don't get me wrong, there were some decent responses, especially (I hate to say it) by Dennis Kucinich--who evidently is the only candidate that can answer "Yes" or "No" to yes or no questions. Another missed opportunity for the democrats to set themselves apart. We could have the first "Black" president, the first "woman" president; How about the first Independent president? Please God!?!?!

See link for full transcript of debates:

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keepkalm said...

Independent President? That would be nice to get rid of the partisan rhetoric that is for certain.

What about Rep. Ron Paul? He is certainly the most radical person running for a major party nomination. Out of NATO, out of the UN, dismantle FEMA and Homeland Security.

Plus he's the only Republican to vote against the war in Iraq, twice. And he voted against the PATRIOT ACT.

Check out the smack down he put on Giuliani and then Sean Hannity. He is the only politician I have heard admit that the USA does things that provoke negative attitudes towards our country.

We need candidates that are going to trust the American people with the hard reality of the world outside our borders. If we cannot trust our own citizenry we have truly lost something precious. Democracy needs to be more about telling the truth rather than what people want to hear.