Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smedley Butler

The BBC has a excellent report on a coup on the FDR administration that would have emulated the fascist governments in Italy and Germany in the early 30's. Some of the names that are mentioned as being behind the coup are the DuPonts, JP Morgan, Standard Oil, and Prescott Bush (who also has ties to Nazi Germany through the Hamburg America Lines) through a lobbying group known as the American Liberty League.

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General Smedley Butler, author of War Is a Racket,was chosen to be the new military leader of the United States by a group of industrial leaders and wall street tycoons who thought that fascism would pull our country out of the depression. Of course the New Deal had them pretty upset too, mostly because it was aimed at redistributing their wealth, but that is a little too obvious for conspiracy theorists.

Sounds eerily like other think tank groups like New American Century or the The Carlyle Group.

Hold on there are storm troopers at the door . . .

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TeamAmerica said...

Does this surprise you keepkalm? Another interesting read from a little before is Henry Luce's American Century. Ironically, this article was published as Woodrow Wilson was first making "the world safe for democracy". Incidentally, Wilson was a high level FreeMason and the concept of making the world safe for democracy and theories from Luce's article came from Masonic teaching that was centuries old. Conspiracy? Funny that we hear these same terms today.