Monday, July 23, 2007

How the Constitution did us Wrong

I know...I shouldn't make shameful fun of a life or death matter, but the timing of the Bush colonoscopy (sp?) and this shit storm war we're currently in is right out of a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Player Piano to be exact. If they would have found a 6th polyp--you could name that one Little Nixon. Why? Because it was Nixon, and to some extent Reagan (perhaps the 7th polyp), who created and cultivated the current crop of misguided, egomaniacal skulls that are running our executive office.

As pointed out, Cheney assumed temporary Presidential powers, during, and shortly, after the President's operation. If our Constitutional authors, at the time of the signing, recieved an evangelic premoniton of a future dark hore Vice President such as Cheney, they would have immediately scrubbed that quill stroke. The operation was indeed important, but not serious or long. If anything, it highlights how we must do everything to keep this President healthy because our option is the dark horse. On a serious note, the press could have had a little more fun with the headlines; for instance, publication sales would have exponentially increased with the headline: "BUSH'S BUTT SCOPED, CHENEY ASSUMES THE POSITION."

Seriously, the coverage of this event further emphasizes the pervasive distraction from the war our media still perpetuates. Certainly lessons were learned in the world of journalism since the invasion, but the emphasis should be centered on dialogue about ending our occupation in Iraq not the President's ass. It was all over cable news and I thought to myself, "During Vietnam, the press were all over war as well as the social movements that tried to end it!"

What' next in this bizzare third act? Valerie Plame's civil suit getting dismissed? Wait......that happened!

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