Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowball Effect



This happened on the same day? Definitely not the top of their game. This is truly remarkable given A) The Clinton's historically strong relationship with the black community, B) The prominence of the African-American voters in South Carolina, and C) The fact that both of these events happened on the same day. How is the public going to react to Obama playing so rough with that little old lady? It never looks good to hit a girl, even if she is playing dirty.

Obama is at the top of his game. Does any one remember that Bill Clinton was once the "man from Hope?" 1992 doesn't seem as dire as 2008. The parallels are quite similar really, the economy was in recession and the first Gulf War had just ended, and a Bush was in the White House. 2008 is fruition of the seeds planted in 1992, and to a lesser extent 2000. The war has been ridiculously expensive and has greatly burdened our economy for decades, and should have been won in 1992. The Bush tax cuts have magnified the cost of the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is an incredibly gifted speaker, the question is not whether he has the support of the American people, the only unknown is if he can transform his vision into reality. He will win because he is grounded in his beliefs and seems the most natural politician running for the office of President in either party.

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Motel Martin said...

Dude, well said. After seeing Obama's speech in Atlanta, I can't imagine anyone in America who should lead our country other than Barack Obama. If our nation does not move him into the general election and then on to the Presidency, then we will have missed the most tremendous of opportunities we have faced in a generation.