Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Lighter Side of Camelot

I typically have a hard time finding my muse, but when I read headlines that beam things like Edward Kennedy endorsing Barack Obama, it cues me right up.

This is a big one. For Kennedy, It demonstrates a clean break with Establishment pals, including the Clintons, and serves as a ‘passing of the baton’ to a whole new generation of politicos. The Clinton’s were furiously vying for Kennedy’s backing, but came up short, in part due to Mr. Clinton’s weirdness as of late. As you’ve unfortunately read in my previous postings, my unorganized ramblings are essentially political accounts from a layperson—written with limited knowledge in national affairs. Though one thing is for certain, the double knighting from the Kennedy camp (Caroline Kennedy also officially endorsed Obama) is so defiling to Billary that their only strategy is devout prayer for a surplus in delegates on Super Tuesday.

There is a decent amount of contention in political circles over the meaning of obtaining an ‘endorsement.’ What makes the topic squishy is the fact that endorsements vary. It could mean access to massive voting lists, a one day fanfare that fosters strong media attention or both. Yet, when you land old Establishment kudos that is something quite different and notable. It could mean adding another layer of prestige and a series of power players following suit. A week from Tuesday shall be interesting indeed.

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