Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Michigan doesn't have any democratic delegates because they moved their primary up so far. Hillary is the only major candidate on the ballot.

I'm not surprised that Michigan tried to gain more prominence in deciding the presidential nomination. Michigan is in dire straits economically as the auto companies have been suffering greatly, unemployment is high, and real estate has tanked out. Not surprising that they are turning to politics. Moving their primary ahead steals the national spotlight from the race to some of the above mentioned problems in Michigan.

The GOP race is full on. Seems like this is a "must-win" for Romney. But so was New Hampshire. My guess is that McCain and Huckabee do well. Romney is burdened with expectations, it will be difficult to be anything but disappointing.

Saw an interesting post by David Postman regarding Rep. Ron Paul and some newsletters published under a pseudonym spewing some hate-filled diatribes.

Read the post here.

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