Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Clinton wins the Democratic contest by default, 1/3 of democratic voters are "uncommitted?" Uncommitted is an interesting vote, sounds like none of the above (Clinton, Kucinich, Dodd, and Gravel). Oh yeah, there are no delegates at stake, so big deal.

Romney wins, McCain second, and Huckabee trailing. South Carolina is next with Huckabee the likely front-runner. South Carolina was where the wheels fell off of McCain's 2000 Presidential campaign. The site of a political assault by the Bush campaign that played a little racism, a "push poll" that accused McCain of having an illegitimate child who was not white.

South Carolina for the Democrats is going to be even more interesting. It's John Edwards backyard and is going to have a large portion of African-American voters.

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Grant said...

How are there no delegates at stake in Michigan? How is the party going to appropriate the Michigan delegates if not through a primary vote?