Monday, January 7, 2008

Obama Baby Buggy Bumpers (Welcome to New Hampshire!)

Looks like Hillary is starting to crack. I think that she had her little "cry" moment to try and soften up for other women. If Oprah goes to New Hampshire Hillary will be road kill.

The Primary is tomorrow and Obama is about to deliver a knockout blow, to the once (pause) proud champ, Hillary Clinton, now a study, in moppishness. This is truly a sight to behold. Obama is holding a lead in the polls and is trending out of sight. No one has been able to attack him effectively. Obama is rubber and Hillary is glue. The last guy who was this "teflon" was William, Mr. Hillary Rodham-Clinton. He won.

Obama has momentum, money, a lead and no need to attack anyone, and he has a charisma that is undeniable. He's got the lead and seems to be pulling away. Obama's star is buring bright. The inevitable comparisons to the Kennedys are a little frightening. This star cannot burn out. There would be dramatic repercussions along every divide imaginable. This country has been divided and had elections that have been clouded by controversy and scandal. This country needs to go through some healing, if there are more dirty tricks or an assassination attempt, well I don't even want to mention it because of what happened with Bhutto. We all saw what happened in Pakistan, don't be so naive to think that it couldn't happen in Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York, or even all across the country. I pray this never happens.

Hillary has risen as far as she can go. It is unlikely that she would not have even gotten to be Senator had it not been for Bill's notoriety and fund raising ability. She is a well known commodity, and she is not known for being well liked. She is tough and she gets results, but somehow this year it won't be enough. She didn't want to get her hands dirty in 2004 and run against Bush. She figured 2008 would be a lock for her to get the nomination and she would walk to the White House in wave of Clinton nostalgia.

Yeah, well, nostalgia, it ain't what it used to be.

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michael said...

I don't think the assasination attempts are that out of question. Is he a member of skull and bones...I assume not, which would not settle well for the capatlistic hierarchy.